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Detec IntegriScanner
Item Information

Name: IntegriScan Package – Includes Horizontal Platform and Vertical Roller

Manufacturer: Detec Systems

Detec IntegriScan Certification is required to use this tool.

Operation Instructions

Hands-on training is required to understand the operation of this device. Contact the Sustainable Roofing and Waterproofing Alliance to arrange training.


Detec’s IntegriScan equipment is used for low-voltage ELD testing of roofing and waterproofing membranes. It can be used to ELD test all single-ply membranes including semi-conductive membranes such as black EPDM.

  • Non-destructive leak detection testing
  • Pinpoints the exact location of the breach, hole, or seam void
  • Low-voltage
  • Can be used to test horizontal and vertical membranes using the scanning platform and vertical roller, respectively

Detec InteriScanner (as well as all other ELD technologies) requires a conductive substrate directly below the membrane for valid results. When testing conventional roofing assemblies, a conductive substrate such as Detec TruGround Conductive Primer, must be installed directly under the membrane during membrane installation.

This device is battery powered using six AAA batteries. An extra set of batteries is included in the case. We recommend changing the batteries after every 16 hours of testing to ensure valid testing results.

Six (6) AAA batteries (included)