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Analog Pull Tester
Item Information

Name: Simple Analog Pull Tester

Can test the following fasteners:

  • Plastic Fasteners: Use with tectum and gypsum type fasteners. Also can be used with larger diameter fasteners with no changes or extra pieces.
  • Steel Fasteners - Use with screws, toggle bolts, concrete (threaded or drive-in) type fasteners.


Com-Ten's ROOFIRST pull tester is a valuable solution to test fasteners on the roof. It is used to prove the fastening integrity for existing or new roof construction. It is designed to record and document on site pull-out values. It can be used in horizontal or vertical tests in all type of substrates.

This simple to operate unit is sturdy and pull tests up to 1000lbs. It has a large 2-1/2" diameter analog dial includes maximum reading pointer. It can be used with either plastic or steel fasteners.