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Seam Tester
Item Information

Name: Air-Sure Seam Tester

Air-sure is mainly used to test the integrity of seams in roof membrane & wall's air and vapor barrier seams, prior to their recover with subsequent cladding. It has 2 parts: A) glass dome B) and straight test chamber, which can be as long as 6 feet (not shown here). The dome is good to test any field seam on roof or wall. The straight test chamber is used at 90-degree angle changes.

  • It comes with proprietary liquid soapy water in bottles to apply the seams to create air bubbles. Prior to onsite testing, an in-house, brief assembly and testing experience is strongly suggested.
  • The test pressure is only 500 Pa or 2.0 in H2O.
  • The battery must be fully charged, prior to onsite testing.