Industry News

Codes Advisory Update

By: Craig Tyler, CCM
Summer 2016

Recent Spring Code Hearing:

2016 ICC Committee Action Hearings
Group-B Codes (Admin, IBC-S, IECC-C, IECC/IRC-R, IFC, IRC-B, IWUIC)
April 17-27th
Louisville, KY

New proposal highlights:

  • Adopting ASCE-7-2016 Wind Maps and calculation procedures
  • Adding requirement for Roof Insulation marking requirement (for non-observable insulation)
  • Requirement for using 2 layers of roof insulation if over R-17
  • Adding Air Barrier Commissioning requirement
  • Removing Test Method CCSB 37 GP 52M for impact resistance testing of low-slope roofing
  • Adding standard ASTM D7425 for SPF used in roofing applications
  • Adding Solar Ready Zone (Pre-prepped area of a roof for Photovoltaics) in Appendices
  • Definition changes for reroofing and recover

Arguments for and against will continue to be heard at the final action Hearings and will update after final voting by all ICC members at the end of the year.

Next Hearing:

2016 ICC Final Action Hearings
October 19-25th
Kansas City, KS